Comprehensive Tag Management & Automation

With Tag Genie you can take control of the product tags in your store. Easily edit product tags in bulk by adding, removing, or renaming tags. Create validation rules to get warnings about missing or misspelled tags. Automate tag operations to run at selected intervals.


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Advanced Tag Operations

Add, remove, or rename product tags using powerful filters and conditions. Apply bulk tag operations across thousands of products.

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Preview how tag operations will affect your product tags before executing the operation.

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Direct Communication

Communicate directly with the developer and request support or features.


What people think about Tag Genie for Shopify

Brilliant - Super easy to use. It just saved me so much time organising my products. Highly recommended.


App does exactly what it says it can do. Developer is very responsive and is constantly improving the app based on suggestions and feedback. Looking forward to using the app long-term for our e-commerce site.

Off-Road Bros

Amazing app, finally I'm able to manage all our product tags in a matter of minutes. Highly recommended!

Master Airscrew

News & Updates

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How To Prefix Product Tags on Shopify

Imagine that you have 20 discount tags like '10% Off', '20% Off', etc and your goal is to add the prefix "Sale" to all of them. You can certainly create 20 operations to rename each individual tag but is there a more efficient way? There certainly is with Tag Genie and what we call Tag Templates.

, by Tag Genie Team
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Bulk Merge/Rename Product Tags for Shopify

Another common tasks that store owner typically do on a regular basis is rename or combine product tags. You might need to rename tags that are misspelled or combine certain categories of tags into a new one. For example, you might have a Sale tag that is misspelled on multiple items like 'SALE', 'Sail' or some other variations.

, by Tag Genie Team

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Bulk remove, add, rename products tag of your Shopify store